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Project Description
crudwork is a collection of reuseable components for .NET applications.

If you searched for StpLibrary and landed here, you're in the right place. crudwork was originally started out as a personal library to reduce duplicated codes and efforts. The solution was renamed from StpLibrary to crudwork on April 2010. All things are the same in most manner. (Click here for migrating info...)

Here are a few words to describe the features worth mentioning. There are a lot of Quick Samples inside...

Write multi-threaded application as easy as 1-2-3

  • With crudwork.MultiThreading, one can write an application to run multi-threads with just a few lines of code. All of the crud work are already built so the developer can focus on the main business logic. (more...)

Processing database tables and data files

crudwork offers classes for processing data from most relational databases and common data files.
  • DataFactory - to execute SQL query against common relational databases such as SQL and Oracle.
  • DataSetQuery - to execute simple SQL query against a DataSet object
  • ImportManager - to import and export common data files, such as Excel, Access, DBF, CSV, tab-delimited, flat or fixed-length file. (more...)

Data warehouse

  • Includes parsers to parse telephone / address / city state zip, plus more...
  • String matching algorithms such as soundex, fuzzy-logic match

Light-weight dynamic runtime library

  • crudwork has several methods to dynamically invoke methods and properties.

Windows Controls

  • pivot table editor - pivot a table, allow user to make massive changes in the pivotal view, and save changes back to database.
  • SQLite query analyzer - to run SQL query against a SQLite database file.
  • qapp - stands for Query Analyzer Plus Plus. Works just as the SQLite Query Analyzer; but, works with all databases plus can use database macros, such as pivot/dupi/dupe/dupo. (New on more...)
  • step-by-step wizard controls - convert multi-step procedures into easy-to-use wizard control.
  • object viewer - allow user to view and change any object via XML Editor and/or PropertyGrid. (New on more...])

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